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Why to Get a Dental Checkup Early in the Year

January 10, 2024

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A young woman getting a dental checkup early

Now that it’s 2024, the winter holidays have basically wrapped up. You’re likely tempted to chill out after all the big festivities. That said, don’t start relaxing just yet. It’s better to act quickly and get a dental checkup early in the year. By doing so, you’ll enjoy many perks. Your Metairie dentist will even describe them in detail. So, here are four reasons to get dental care while the year is young.

Meet Your Deductible

Remember, your dental plan’s benefits don’t “roll over” from 2023 to 2024. You’ll (once again) have to pay a deductible for them to kick in. If you don’t, you’ll have to pay for dental work wholly out-of-pocket.

Well, a dental checkup may help you with this year’s deductible. You’d then get quick access to your plan’s benefits. Do note, though, that many policies won’t let you take this approach. Your checkup may need to find a minor problem first – a  cavity, for example. That way, treating it would meet your deductible ASAP.

Maximize Your Insurance

Maybe you’ve already (and quickly) paid your deductible. Even so, an early checkup is still a good idea. Getting one would let you maximize your plan benefits.

You see, most dental policies cover two dental checkups yearly at 100%. However, many people don’t make use of both visits. They just let the related benefits go unused. By seeing the dentist early, though, you’ll have time to plan your second visit. You can then get the most out of your insurance.

Help Your Post-Holiday Teeth

As great as the holidays are, they can really harm your teeth. Wintertime sweets expose you to a lot of sugar, starch, and acids. If you aren’t careful, these materials will give you tooth decay and gum disease.

Luckily, an early checkup can protect your teeth from recent treats. It’ll diagnose and correct any post-holiday decay before things get worse. Plus, it’ll clean out lingering plaque and other “leftovers” stuck to your smile.

Be a Good Example for Family

While the holidays are over, your kids may still be in “winter break” mode. If so, getting an early checkup will help them and you. The act will set a good example for your children.

In the end, your early checkup will show that oral health is a priority. Your kids will notice that when they see you visit the dentist. From there, they’ll likely take their own smile commitments more seriously. This renewed focus can then lead to clean grins for a lifetime.

Before you lose track, get a dental checkup early in the year. The effort will pay off for you and your smile!

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